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At Branding & Marketing YOU our collective years of experience and insights into today’s competitive market place allow us to tailor our branding solutions specifically to fit the needs of each client. The end goal is to differentiate them from the pack and position them head and shoulders above the rest in the eyes of the customer.

The company is headed up by Donna Rachelson MBA, a branding and marketing specialist with a special interest in personal and team branding. Having held a number of Marketing Director positions in blue chip organisations including Nando’s and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) as well as marketing management positions at Standard Bank and AECI.

She is driven to empower people to incorporate branding, marketing and business development into all aspects of their work, and is currently a guest lecturer at GIBS.

She is also author of the best selling book ‘Branding & Marketing YOU’, the first South African based personal branding and marketing book. She recently released her second book ‘Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams’

What our clients have to say about us:

Corporate Teams

  • “I have a brutally honest team, and I must say that they were all delighted with the session, the feedback was extremely positive – in fact it was 100% positive – and this is a first! It was practical advise, excellently delivered that will be of major benefit to me as well as my entire team. Donna was extremely professional and the material was practical, clear and concise. I would confidently recommend Donna’s Branding & Marketing YOU intervention to others.”
    Grace del Fava
    Head: Micro Marketing, Sanlam
  • “My team’s workplace health index (internal employee satisfaction) was 92%. You definitely played a role in driving such an awesome result. Thank you!”
    Rory Headon Weeks
    Commercial Industry Lead, Microsoft South Africa

Outsource marketing

  • “Focus Rooms contracted the services of BMYOU in August 2011 and have since then been enjoying the fruits of this joint venture. Their specific goals where to identify the “WOW” & Differentiating Factors for Focus Rooms to make us the most unique conference, training and event destination in South Africa through an experiential component. 3 years on and our business relationship has grown from strength to strength as has BMYOU’s critical involvement in all our marketing and brand related activity. B&M YOU have proven to be the most professional and effective business partner in Brand Building and Strategic Marketing management. They have also sourced the most effective and resourceful service providers with the greatest integrity and professionalism. Focus Rooms has enjoyed significant growth levels due to this strategic partnership and we look forward to further opportunities.”
    Marisa Scott
    Managing Director, Focus Rooms

Marketing Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

  • “Loved the practical tips & secrets Donna shared with us”
    Alison Blair
  • “The workshop was absolutely brilliant and has made me seriously re-think my approach to marketing.”
    Danny Nochumsohn
    CTO, Internfit
  • "This workshop helped me understand what marketing is about and brought simplicity and a practical approach to marketing my business.”
    David Feinberg
    CEO, Internfit
  • “I highly recommend Donna Rachelson's Marketing Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs course to any up and coming entrepreneur. I can sum it up very simply as this: All experts at the forefront of their art have their own collection of in-house coined terms. In Donna Rachelson's Marketing Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs course it is simply one phrase, 'the aha moment'. And there were many of them. She stripped away all misconceptions I had of marketing and in great clarity laid it bare for me.”
    Juan van Wyk
    Lamps on Line

Branding & Marketing YOU workshop

  • "Impactful. Insightful. Mind stretching. Invaluable. You will never look at yourself in the same light again and neither will your business associates."
    Anne-Marie Greiff
  • "Donna has the capacity to change oneʼs thinking; to help you to see new avenues to further your career, and to move you from a space of ʻstucknessʼ to one of possibility and results.” 
    Liora Gross
    Programme Director GIBS
  • “I recently attended author Donna Rachelsonʼs Branding and Marketing You Workshop in Sunninghill, Gauteng. Although I believe Iʼm getting on top of my marketing, I believed I could pick up a few tips from a fellow author. Well now. This workshop blew my mind! I have so much new stuff and great ideas to implement I hardly know where to start! Donna is a brilliant facilitator who connects with her audience right up front with her warm, quirky and witty style. The day is packed with practical personal branding tips for anyone intent on getting ahead in their chosen space. What's more - they can be easily applied from the moment you leave. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.”
    Paul du Toit
    MD of Congruence Training (Pty) Ltd
  • “This is the best personal development training I have attended in my career. Mind blowing!”
    Thanduxolo Damane
    Business Consultant, Discovery, LA Health Distribution, W.Cape
  • “Donna is a highly inspiring and energetic individual that unpacked self branding and branding strategies in a fun and soul searching way.  Donna’s workshop caused a paradigm shift in my view and approach to branding, I now consider branding in all aspects of my life, from my social profile, personal expression, physical appearance to the conversations I keep and ultimately they way I present myself.   During the workshop we are taught the importance of self branding and the various marking strategies.  We leave the course armed with the tools to assist us in defining our own brands and the appropriate marketing strategies to follow.   Most importantly I was taught that a consistent, authentic brand built on strong beliefs and convictions will prevail!”
    Amanda Roux
    Vice President, IB F & BM, J.P. Morgan
  • “Donna is an excellent facilitator. The topic was explained in an easy, fun way. Thank you for a wonderful workshop.”
    Stuart Allan
    Head Operational Risk, CIB Operations, Standard Bank
  • “Donna really knows her business and is a very dynamic and interesting facilitator. Any professional in any organization would do well to attend the course.”
    Clayton Brett
    Middle Africa Business Support Specialist Manager, Standard Bank
  • “Donna’s course content is clear. The workshop is well facilitated. Most of all it is relevant to all types of people, both introverts and extroverts. I walked away feeling equipped with tools that I can practically use to grow my personal brand”
    Carol Ngcamphalala
    Change Management Analyst, Standard Bank
  • “Donna is an amazing facilitator and has vast knowledge on the subject of personal branding and marketing. She gives practical examples that make it easy for one to see how you can make the material relevant to your life.”
    Gugu Buthelezi
    Marketing Head, Business Banking, Standard Bank
  • "Donna is an excellent facilitator who encourages active and lively participation. She is truly passionate about her subject matter, is well qualified to talk about personal branding and marketing and has practical experience to back up what she says. She clearly loves what she does."
    Wayne MacFarlane
    Head HR Policies, Standard Bank
  • “Not only is Donna an excellent facilitator in the personal branding and marketing field, but she carries a passion and drive for excellence which is unmistakable. Donna builds hope in people for a better future as she makes more complex concepts easy to understand and apply. It is truly great to learn from her experience and knowledge!” 
    Christa Knowling
    Change Management, Standard Bank
  • “Donna’s branding intervention with our Enterprise Strategy team  ignited an intense awareness of the importance of personal and team brands, and a strong appetite to manage these brands in a much more intentional manner, but always grounded in authenticity.  The long-term impact has been primarily observed as positive changes in our teams’ behavior and habits that impact our team and personal brands, and also very favorable feedback of stakeholder perceptions internal and external to the company.” 
    Fabio Salvador
    Lead Enterprise Strategy, Microsoft

Branding & Marketing YOU Book

  • Everyone has a personal brand whether they acknowledge it or not. What I enjoyed about this very readable book is that it makes one conscious of defining one’s own values and ensuring that your behaviours  match those values.

    We all love reading about the high profile people we know courtesy of the media. This book gives real, interesting, relevant, and useful insights into a fascinating group of people – I loved the way the insights were highlighted throughout the book. The book is positive, confident and allows each featured business person to share what makes them unique, and what drives them, each one quite different.

    The wonderful insight for me was that they are actually all quite ordinary people – in other words, everyone has the potential for success if you are conscious about how you define Brand You. There is plenty to learn from this little gem.

    Yvonne Johnson
    Former CEO of the International Marketing Council (IMC) in South Africa, business women and winner: Business Icon of the year 2010: Feather Awards
  • From reading the testimonials of the various people interviewed, it is clear that Branding and Marketing approaches vary and draw from a diversity of strategies, principles, tools, qualities, virtues and values. The stories therefore provide a valuable reference for those who aspire to grow their brand identity and character.
    Wendy Luhabe
    Social Entrepreneur and Chancellor University of Johannesburg
  • More than anything this book highlights the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and the great  virtue of perseverance without which nothing is achieved
    Derek Carstens
    First Rand Brand Director
  • There is a plethora of mumbo jumbo books written on brands, this is not one of them. It is highly practical – a must read for entrepreneurs. By reading it you will have a much deeper understanding of how to shape brands (people or products) into highly valued commodities.
    Aubrey Malden
    former creative director, the Ogilvy Group, now partner, The Forensic Marketing Company.

Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams

  • You don’t have to formally market yourself but you will always be known and recognised by your behaviour. It is not about What You Are but rather about Who You Are that you are known for. The importance of consistency in the application of a culture and strong values in an organisation and a team comes through in all the examples. I really enjoyed the practical examples of the importance of teams and team players. It reminded me of what a wellknown leader once said: “The two essential qualities of a leader are a Strategy and a Culture but if I have to drop one I will drop Strategy!” This is a mustread for all leaders!

    Allen Swiegers
    Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte Southern and East Africa
  • This is a timely and insightful experience-based book that reinforces the age old truth that people – well understood and celebrated in their individual and collective diversity, aligned with the organisational culture – are the number one key to building and motivating values-centred teams and successful organisations.

    Thebe Ikalafeng
    Global African advisor, author on branding and reputation leadership and founder of Brand Africa
  • There is considerable fascination with the term ‘leadership’ and it can be interpreted as meaning very different things to different people. Branding and marketing YOU through TEAMS explores the concept of leading teams, exposes some of the local talent we should celebrate, and offers telling insights.
    Jeremy Sampson
    Visiting Professor, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and Group Executive Chairman, InterbrandSampsonDevilliers
  • “Donna Rachelson has achieved that rare thing – a business book that is useful, interesting and accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about marketing, from start-ups to established businesses. Her credentials speak for themselves, as do the stories in this book. And best of all, the book is devoid of any marketing buzzwords or meaningless mumbo-jumbo – it’s clear, conversational, and a pleasure to read.”
    Mandy Collins
    Business writing course co-ordinator, Allaboutwriting
  • “I recommend this book to my team and other teams. It not only contains amazing stories of great teams in South Africa that we can all learn from, but it inspired me to carry on raising the bar. To challenge myself and others as to what else can we do to inspire people and team members to achieve their true potential. I learned about the key success factors in teams and in the different industries that Donna selected. This is a journey of discovery of what makes these teams successful. The stories made me proud to be a South African and to be part of the South African business community. The insights that Donna highlights were so useful. In particular I love the marketing and branding angles that are so unusual and which I have not seen in other business books. The book also inspired me to imagine a new reality and gave me ideas of what is possible.”
    Monica Singer
    CEO, Strate
  • “There is no greater way, in my opinion, of illustrating the power of marketing and particularly its branding component, than through the use of case histories. And this is what Donna Rachelson does so well. She avoids all the clichés and airy-fairy theory that pervades and obfuscates the marketing industry today and just gets right to where the proof of the marketing pudding lies. What caught my eye in this, her second book, Branding and Marketing YOU through TEAMS, was the chapter on Microsoft Service Management. Unravelling the mystery of what makes someone a team player is a powerful part of this book. There are some memorable comments from Microsoft Services Management team members that, in my opinion, should be tattooed on the foreheads of modern business managers. “We have an anti-hero approach to what we do.” By that they mean they don’t like someone in the team who positions themselves as the hero of the piece and who tries to attract the credit and take any glory going around, says Rachelson. I believe that Donna Rachelson’s book should be read, not only by marketers, but by everyone who is in business and wants to know how to make teamwork work.”
    Chris Moerdyk
    Marketing Analyst