Corporate Professional 

Give your company a compelling advantage

Your most powerful brand is your people. Every time a client looks at, listens to, or interacts with a company employee, it impacts the way they perceive that company.  From the image they project, to what they say on social media and how they address issues in the real world, they have an opportunity to create a unique Personal Brand that can make or break their reputation, promotional opportunities and sales. As specialists in personal branding, Branding & Marketing YOU has the cutting edge tools required to give your company a competitive advantage by building your brand from your company’s most valuable asset – your people.

Personal Branding: Corporates

In the Corporate jungle it is critical to craft your personal brand. There is always room for self-improvement be it personal image, how you communicate or building a powerful online profile. Branding & Marketing YOU have the expertise to uncover what’s keeping you back and provide continued support to power-up your brand.

Branding & Marketing YOU Keynote

With the ability to create bespoke talks for your company’s specific needs and audiences, Donna Rachelson’s dynamic, high-impact, 1-hour keynote address will inject new energy into employees by helping them to identify and augment their inner strength. The presentation brings to life:

  • Characteristics of great brands

  • Why personal branding is important to personal and business success

  • How to stop being invisible and become visible and relevant

  • How to build trust and credibility

  • How to develop and market one’s personal brand.

Branding & Marketing YOU Workshop

It goes without saying that the best way to get buy-in from people, is to make them feel like they are part of the process and that their contributions and opinions are valued. This forms the basis of our highly interactive, yet practical and content-rich Branding & Marketing YOU Workshop, which focuses on:

  • Branding and the characteristics of great brands

  • An overview of personal branding and why it is so important to career and business success

  • A personal branding audit 

  • A brand perception exercise to help the understand their personal brand (included is external feedback from colleagues, managers and clients which is compiled confidentially by Branding & Marketing YOU)

  • Key aspects to consider when positioning & packaging a personal brand

  • Practical exercises to help participants start ‘packaging’ their personal brand

  • Ideas on how to ‘put your personal brand to work’

  • Development of a personal brand signature and elevator pitch for each participant

  • Development of a personal brand story

  • Identification of key target markets and individuals (Internal and external) for marketing purposes

  • Insight into the key personal marketing strategies i.e. Building sustainable, value adding relationships; enhancing personal visibility and building word of mouth advertising

  • Development of an impactful action plan.

The workshop can be structured over two full days; four half-day sessions or a day and thereafter a further half day. The option also exists for a one-day or a condensed half day workshop for leadership teams.

Coaching and Support

Irrespective of how impactful the keynote presentation and workshops may be, the skills and knowledge transferred need follow through in order to truly be effective. Our Coaching and Support Intervention package does just that, both on a one-to-one basis or a group. For a full 6 months we’re committed to helping you turn your newfound knowledge into habits and seeing your new habits positively impact your bottom line. This commitment includes: Short, sharp and impactful sessions every month and the option of a personal brand impact session after 6 months to determine personal brand shifts and articulate learning for the organisation

Team Branding and Marketing for Corporates

Transform your team into powerful brand ambassadors

Team branding focuses on selling your people first, by communicating their value, and in turn creating a sustainable, unique relationship with customers. Discover the essence of what makes your team pre-eminent in your market and how to project your team brand through a Branding & Marketing your team intervention.

Building a strong and well-respected team brand has a diverse range of benefits:

  • Individuals in well-branded teams are more motivated, productive and committed to achieving results for your organisation.

  • Internally, a pre-eminent team is competes better for share of mind, share of budget and relevance within your organisation.

  • Externally, strongly branded teams can help your company edge out its competitors.

  • Members of well-branded teams are able to clearly articulate what they do and why they are vital to your organisation.

Team Keynote Talks

In a power hour Donna Rachelson takes your team through an impactful presentation that is sure to revitalise them. She unpacks the characteristics of well branded teams, includes deeply researched and relevant case studies and culminates in practical how-to actions that your team can apply to start branding and marketing itself.

Team Workshop

The Team workshop is specifically crafted to your team’s individual needs with relevant interviews and surveys carried out by Branding & Marketing YOU before the workshop.

During the workshop, the team receives the feedback and quickly determines where perceptual gaps between how the team sees itself and key stakeholders, exist. This information is used as a basis to re-evaluate the team brand and identify where it needs to go, to ‘take’ it to the next level. Throughout the process, successful team brands are explored and key learnings are extrapolated for the team. Based on the action plan that arises from the workshop, follow-up sessions will be scheduled to ensure results of the workshop are sustained.

Coaching and Support

Tailored packages can be developed to support your team to follow through on what they committed to in the team branding session. As you know tactical reminders and measurements will ensure effective and satisfying results. We can also support you in developing any marketing collateral or implementation of marketing strategies within your organisation.